"Richie is one of the best photographers I've worked with and I've worked with many photographers. She captured me in my most natural state, and allowed me to be 100% myself. She asked me questions and gave me clear directions. She followed her gut and intuition about how to best capture me, while also listening to my ideas and making sure my needs were met. When I saw the photographs, I couldn't believe it! They were so candid, beautiful, and real, in a way I had never been captured before in my entire life! I would highly recommend you work with her if you want to be photographed in the most authentic way, and are ready for your real self to shine through, no bells or whistles, no hiding or pretending. Richie will capture your spirit with her lens – something very few photographers can really do. Her presence makes all the difference."

~ Majo Molfino, writer and host of the Heroine podcast

"I'm NEVER on the other side of the camera and Richie made me feel completely at ease. She encouraged me when something good caught her eye and produced a collection of beautiful photographs that I love. Despite my initial hesitation to be the subject instead of photographer I had such a wonderful time. She's talented, lovely, and a photographer I highly recommend!"

-Natalie Jennings, photographer -  www.nataliechampajennings.com

"My partner and I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Richie, taking photos on a secluded beach in Hawaii. Richie helped us feel natural in front of the camera, which was no small endeavor. When we saw the results of the shoot, we were overwhelmed by the love and intimacy she had captured. I can't wait to work with her again."

~ Jojo S.

Working with Richie was a complete joy.  Honestly, the second someone points a camera at me, my world changes. What do I do with my hands? Am I smiling like a crazy person? Or do I look like the man from the American Gothic painting by Grant Wood?  Richie's calm and easygoing nature is contagious, and soon enough I felt at-ease.  Richie has an uncanny ability to bring fun (or any appropriate secret ingredient given the situation) into the mix and extract true moments that carry a meaningful resonation for days/weeks/ months/years.  And what a feeling that truly is--to get lost in a photograph and transport to a beautiful moment in your life. 

-Phil Leroy

"Richie captures the truest essence of the moment with her 35mm.  The authenticity of her shots ooze with life and create a raw, yet whimsical story behind it.  I am always so honored to be in front of her camera and amazed by the magic of the final print."

~Erin Yamamoto


A friend recommended Richie to us when we were looking for a photographer to do family portraits. We have since used her services twice more (a family shoot with just my husband and I with our four month old daughter, and our wedding) because we were so impressed with not only her beautiful photos, but also her professionalism and personality. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera (even unphotogenic camera-phobes like me).

I love that the portraits aren't posed, giving them a relaxed feel. My in-laws adored her, commenting on how sweet she is and how much fun they had during the shoot. She was extremely flexible and patient with our squiggly four month old daughter, as she tended to move when you didn't want her to or fall asleep at inopportune times. Our wedding was an intimate affair that Richie captured beautifully. I could not be more pleased with our photos. I love sharing them with our friends and family, and look forward to showing them to our daughter when she's older.

 ~ Erin W.

My husband and I were so fortunate to have an opportunity to be photographed by Richie. He had just returned from a 6 month deployment a few days earlier, and she captured so much love, emotion, vulnerability, and authenticity in her photos. Richie is a dream to work with. She is kind, comforting, genuine, and so very talented.

 - Paola M.