what drives you - describe your sense of purpose

My sense of purpose comes from from being mischievous and creative, making clever things, and helping the underdog. From doing things differently than normal tells me to.

what is the purpose/meaning of life

To connect with other humans and animals on this planet and bring each other joy, happiness, relief, comfort.

what struggles do you have in interpersonal relationships / what are you working on to improve this

I struggle with feeling unlovable sometimes. I’ve also struggled with the flip side of that same coin: being critical of those close to me. I’ve definitely worked to improve that one. Now I’m much more accepting of who my loved ones really are, and strangers too. I catch myself if I try to change them, even if it comes from love and a desire to help them out.


what are some of the most surprising things you've learned in being in relationship?

I learned that I can renew my affection for someone over and over again, after fantasies die. Falling in and out of love is like doing reps at the gym.

what are some of the most surprising things you've learned in being alone?

I have so much control over my own happiness, and I often try to give that control to other people in the hopes they’ll make me happy. It never works. I’m the real horse whisperer.


do you believe in compromise

Yes, to an extent. There are certain untouchable things about my needs and soul that I can’t compromise on. I assume it’s the same for others.

can you begin to describe what is it to love

It’s to make a conscious decision to love and renewing that decision every time love dies. It’s fully accepting. And it’s assuming the best intentions, remembering that people may have wounds that need care or that inform their behavior.

how do you deal with anger / sadness / fear + worry

I talk to my friends, I make plans to solve problems, I work out, I sometimes repress.


what are the hardest things you've learned - period.

That I’m not always right and that people aren’t thinking about me—as in, it’s about them, not me.

richie biluan