Kelsey ‘KW’ Wiedenhoefer


What drives you / Describe what you feel your purpose is. 
My purpose it to facilitate. I facilitate movement and feeling, and how good movement makes you feel better. Getting my clients and broader audience to feel something deeper and connect more with their bodies and the way they move is what drives me and keeps me going every day.  

What struggles do you have in interpersonal relationships, and what are you working on to improve this?
In the past I have struggled with boundaries and clear communication. Today I still do, but my awareness of it is much greater than it has been in the past, so coming back to myself and checking in on how I feel in certain situations and being able to express my feelings openly is how I attempt to be better at it.


What makes you feel most human / most connected / most empathic
Movement, music, and Kundalini yoga

What are some of the most challenging things in life for you at this moment?
TIME! Finding the time and allocating the time to get work done and feel successful, take care of my people, and to also take care of myself.

Can you begin to describe what it is to love.
My perception has totally evolved over the years and will continue to evolve, but today I can stay that being able to love means being able to hold space for those you care about without condition. To be vulnerable and open and able to give and receive equally. 

What are some of the most surprising things you've learned in being in relationship? 
When it's right, it's right and that things will naturally flow. I spent a lot of years fighting to prove my worth or force things to happen and kept coming up short. When it's meant to be it will be and you will know. Needless to say, relationships aren't easy, and when there are disagreements (in healthy relationships) I have learned that we can still disagree and I won't be abandoned. That we can still love each other and disagree as long as there is honest communication around it.

What are some of the most surprising things you've learned in being alone?
That I love being alone and that I really like the woman I have become. When I am alone I never feel "lonely" because I know how to create support and happiness within myself. 


What are some of the hardest things you've learned - period. 
t's taken me 35 years to realize I am worthy and capable to do and have everything I set my heart on.

What are you doing to exercise creativity / power right now?
Working on new projects with my girl Richie! Helping and pushing each other to create more and feel more empowered on our paths. 

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