What drives you?
Describe what you feel your purpose is. 

Love/ To learn about love and understand connection... I think I have a lot of purposes... I am not sure I can define it into being one thing...  I wish it was that simple.

What struggles do you have in interpersonal relationships, and what are you working on to improve this?

Discussing topics that are difficult and triggering for me or for others... I am trying to watch my tone and ask how others want me to communicate with them. I explain why I am asking those questions. 

What makes you feel most human / most connected

Giving. Traveling. Moving my body. Enjoying simple pleasures like swimming in the ocean or eating a good meal.


What are some of the most challenging things in life for you at this moment?

Breathing. The quality of air is everything! I am becoming more and more aware of how sensitive my body is to the environment…Deciding what my next move career wise will be... and where it will be... 

What are some of the most surprising things you've learned since getting married?

I don't think I've been surprised yet. Maybe the fact that after almost 2 years, my husband still adores me the way he did when we first met... even more so... I am so thankful. 

What are some of the hardest things you've learned - period. 

That I need to be more politically involved. 
To have good posture and to be pain free in my body takes daily work. 
That throughout my life, it is my family that is teaching me the most about love, acceptance, and patience. 

Can you begin to describe what it is to love.

To see the light in other people and cherish it and accept the imperfections... 


Can you tell us a little bit about your project "the limber life" - and what this means to you?

This site was designed to serve as a landing place for my service offerings. I have a unique toolbox to pull from to help people reach their goals.  The Limber Life is what The Well-Run Woman has... an open mind, a strong body, and a resilient spirit. 

richie biluan